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Most Reverend Bishop Richard John Garcia

(April 24, 1947, San Francisco, California-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Monterey, California, 2006-Current. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, May 13, 1973. Auxiliary Bishop of Sacramento, California, and Titular Bishop of Bapara, November 25, 1997-December 19, 2006. Bishop of Monterey, California, December 19, 2006-Current.

Bishop Richard John Garcia Signature

Moderator Freda A. Gardner

Moderator, 211th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), 1999. Professor of Christian Education, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1961-1992. First woman to serve as a tenured faculty member, Princeton Theological Seminary. Moderator, 211th General Assembly, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), June 18, 1999. Named Educator of the Year, 1991. Received Women of Faith Award, 1994.

Moderator Freda A. Gardner Signature

His Eminence Jose Cardinal Garibi y Rivera

(January 30, 1889, Guadalajara, Mexico-May 27, 1972, Guadalajara, Mexico). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico, 1936-1969. Ordained Priest, February 25, 1912. Chancellor of Diocese of Guadalajara, 1920-1925. Imprisoned during religious persecution, 1926. Auxiliary Bishop of Guadalajara, December 16, 1929. Co-Adjutor Archbishop of Guadalajara, December 22, 1934. Archbishop of Guadalajara, February 18, 1936. President, Mexican Episcopal Conference. Elevated to College of Cardinals, December 15, 1958. Attended Vatican II Council, 1962-1965. Participated in Conclave of 1963. Resigned as Archbishop of Guadalajara, March 1, 1969.

Jose Cardinal Garibi y Rivera Signature

Most Reverend Bishop James Henry Garland

(December 13, 1931, Wilmington, Delaware-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Marquette, Michigan. Ordained Priest, August 15, 1959. Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati, Ohio, June 2, 1984. Bishop of Marquette, Michigan, October 6, 1992-Current.

Bishop James H. Garland Signature

Stephen Gaskin

(February 16, 1935, Denver, Colorado-Alive). Founder, The Farm, 1971. Self-styled beatnik and hippy. Instructor in Creative Writing and General Semantics, San Francisco State College, 1964-1966. Founder, The Farm (an intentional spiritual community), Summertown, Tennessee, 1971. Founder and Chairman of the Board, Plenty International. General Manager and Production Director, The Birth Gazette. Author of Monday Night Class; Haight Ashbury Flashbacks; Amazing Dope Tales; Cannabis Spirituality; This Season's People: A Book of Spiritual Teachings; The Caravan; Mind at Play; An Outlaw in My Heart; Hey beatnik!: This is the Farm Book; Rendered Infamous (1981); The Hidden Holocaust; Stephen Speaks to San Francisco. Imprisoned for one year of a three year sentence for marijuana use, Tennessee State Penitentiary, 1974-1975.

Stephen Gaskin Signature

Pietro Cardinal Gasparri

(May 5, 1852, Capovallazza di Ussita, Italy-November 18, 1934, Rome, Italy). Roman Catholic Diplomat and Vatican Secretary of State, 1914-1930. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, March 31, 1877. Professor of Canon Law, Catholic Institute of Paris, 1879-1898. Apostolic Delegate to Peru and Titular Archbishop of Caesarea in Palaestrina, January 2, 1898. Secretary, Commission on the Interpretation of the Code of Canon Law, April 25, 1901. Elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals, December 16, 1907. Prefect of the Apostolic Chamber, 1914-1918. Secretary of State of the Vatican City State, October 13, 1914-February 7, 1930. President of the Commission on the Interpretation of the Code of Canon Law, October 18, 1917-February 7, 1930. Negotiated the Lateran Treaty creating the Vatican City State, 1929.

Pietro Cardinal Gasparri Signature

Most Reverend Archbishop Andre Gaumond

(June 3, 1936, Saint-Thomas de Montmagny, Quebec, Canada-Alive). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, 1996-Current. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, May 27, 1961. Bishop of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Quebec, Canada, May 31, 1985. Co-Adjutor Archbishop of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, February 16, 1995. Archbishop of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, July 1, 1996-Current.

Archbishop Andre Gaumond Signature

His Holiness Sat-Guru Swami Krishna Gautam

Hindu Guru and Tantric Master. Founder and Guru, The Ashram, Incorporated, Australia. Teacher of Vedic Tantric divine meditations and kundalini yoga.

Sat-Guru Swami Krishna Gautam Signature

Superior General G. Gregory Gay, C.M.

(October 8, 1953, Baltimore, Maryland-Alive). Roman Catholic Superior General, Congregation of the Mission, 2004-Current. Ordained Priest, Congregation of the Mission, Roman Catholic Church, May 24, 1980. Professor, Niagara University, 1980-1984. Missionary in Panama, 1985-2000. Superior of Central America, Congregation of the Mission, 2000-2004. Superior General, Congregation of the Mission, Roman Catholic Church, July 15, 2004-Current.

Superior General G. Gregory Gay, C.M. Signature

Dr. Guenther Gebhardt

(1953-Alive). European Secretary-General, World Conference on Religion and Peace, 1984-1997. Noted leader in ecumenical and peace organizations. Member, Swiss Peace Foundation. Member, Swiss Society for Religious Studies. European Secretary-General, World Conference on Religion and Peace, 1984-1997. Executive Secretary, Swiss Institute for Development, 1997-1998. Academic Program Coordinator, Global Ethic Foundation, Tuebingen, Germany, December, 1998-Current.

Dr. Guenther Gebhardt Signature