Aleister Edward Crowley

(October 12, 1875, Leamington, Warwickshire, England-December 1, 1947, Hastings, England). Ipsissimus and Leader, Ordo Templi Orientis, 1922-1947. Born Edward Alexander Crowley in the Exclusive Plymouth Brethren Church. Became noted for his interest in the occult and his homosexual activities. Initiated into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, 1898. Claimed spirit communication with Aiwass, 1904. Wrote The Book of the Law, outlining his branch of Egyptian magick, called Thelema. Founder, Argenteum Astrum, 1907. Publisher, Equinox, 1909. Joined Ordo Templi Orientis, 1912. Achieved title of "Ipssisimus," the highest magical level. Set up the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily, 1920. Became head of the Ordo Templi Orientis, 1922. Expelled from Italy, 1923, France, 1930. Lived in England. Led a dissolute life and died a heroin addict. The foremost ritual magician of the 20th Century. Known as "The Great Beast" and the "wickedest man in the world."

Aleister Crowley Signature # 1 (as Baphomet)

Aleister Crowley Signature # 2 (as Baphomet)

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Most Reverend Bishop Maurice Anthony Crowley, S.P.S.

(May 11, 1946, Berrings, Ireland-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Kitale, Kenya, 1998-Current. Ordained Priest, St. Patrick's Society of the Foreign Missions, Roman Catholic Church, June 4, 1972-Current. Bishop of Kitale, Kenya, April 3, 1998-Current.

Bishop Maurice Anthony Crowley Signature

Most Reverend Bishop Marko Culej

(January 19, 1938, Repnu, Croatia-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Varzdin, Croatia. Ordained Priest, April 24, 1964. Auxiliary Bishop of Zagreb, Yugoslavia, January 7, 1992. Bishop of Varazdin, Croatia, July 5, 1997-Current.

Bishop Marko Culej Signature

Right Reverend Bishop Ian Cundy

(April, 1945-Alive). Anglican Bishop of Peterborough, England, 1996-Current. Ordained Priest, Anglican Church, 1970. Curate, Christ Church, New Malden, England. Team Rector, Mortlake with East Sheen, South West London, 1973-1983. Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Southwark, 1978. Warden of Cranmer Hall, St. John's College, Durham, England, 1983-1992. Bishop of Lewes, England, Anglican Church, 1992. Bishop of Peterborough, England, 1996-Current. Chairman, Council for Christian Unity, 1998. President, St. John's College, Durham, England.

Bishop Ian Cundy Signature

Most Reverend Bishop Blase Joseph Cupich

(March 19, 1949, Omaha, Nebraska-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota, 1998-Current. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, August 16, 1975. Bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota, July 6, 1998-Current.

Bishop Blase Joseph Cupich Signature

Signature removed at request of the Bishop.

Reverend Charles E. Curran

(Alive). Theologian. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, 1958. Professor, Catholic University of America. Elizabeth Scurlock University Professor of Human Values, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Current. Author. Noted authority on moral theology. Silenced by the Roman Catholic Church for doctrinal unorthodoxy.

Reverend Charles E. Curran Signature

Most Reverend Bishop Martin William Currie

(December 11, 1943, Marinette, Nova Scotia, Canada-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Grand Falls, Newfoundland, Canada, 2000-Current. Ordained Priest, May 12, 1968. Bishop of Grand Falls, Newfoundland, Canada, December 12, 2000-Current.

Bishop Martin William Currie Signature

Right Reverend Bishop Michael Bruce Curry

(March 13, 1953, Chicago, Illinois-Alive). Episcopal Bishop of North Carolina. Ordained Deacon, Episcopal Church, 1978. Ordained Priest, 1978. Rector, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1978-1982. Rector, St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church, Lincoln Heights, Ohio, 1982-1988. Rector, St. James' Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland, 1988-2000. Bishop of North Carolina, February 11, 2000-Current.

Bishop Michael B. Curry Signature

Most Reverend Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss

(June 16, 1932, Baker, Oregon-Alive). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska, 1993-2009. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, May 24, 1958. Bishop of Helena, Montana, March 4, 1976. Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska, May 4, 1993-June 3, 2009.

Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss Signature

His Eminence Richard James Cardinal Cushing

(August 24, 1895, Boston, Massachusetts-November 2, 1970, Boston, Massachusetts). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, Massachusetts, 1944-1970. Ordained Priest, May 26, 1921. Director, Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 1929-1944. Auxiliary Bishop of Boston, June 10, 1939. Apostolic Administrator, sede vacante, of Boston, April-September, 1944. Metropolitan Archbishop of Boston, September 25, 1944. Elevated to the College of Cardinals, December 15, 1958. Gave invocation at Inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. Noted Boston political power. Attended Vatican II Council, 1962-1965. Participated in Conclave of 1963. Resigned as Archbishop of Boston, September 8, 1970. Founder, Missionary Society of St. James.

Richard Cardinal Cushing Signature

His Eminence Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili

President, Holy Synod in Resistance, True Orthodox Church of Greece. Born Cyprian Koutsoumbas. Bishop of Fili, Church of Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece, 1979-1983; Metropolitan of Oropos and Fil and President, Holy Synod in Resistance (aka True Orthodox Church of Greece), an old calendarist church, 1983-Current.

Metropolitan Cyprian Signature